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  1. How to plug LEDs in a rubber extrusion?
  2. Compression fittings and ferrule compression
  3. Damper for Linear Motion
  4. Springs in Tension Vs. Compression
  5. Mechanical Gears Question
  6. O-rings dynamic flange application
  7. Molten Salt Hermetic Sealing without O-ring or Gasket
  8. Proof of concept for jaw mechanism
  9. Tension force in a fluid coupling
  10. Determination of delivery pressure from pump in my Parts Washer
  11. Stress concentration factor and notch sensitivity in a shaft
  12. Centrifugal compressor Inspection
  13. Power Supply for Hydraulic Winch 180 bar, 104 litre/minute
  14. Fire pump troubleshooting
  15. Hydraulic bottle jack calculations
  16. Minimum Bend thickness at Extrados of Pipe bend
  17. Strain gauge into a carbon shaft
  18. 2 stroke piston inertia formulas
  19. Calculation Bending moment
  20. Two different capacity fans in parallel
  21. Effect of change in rpm on gear design
  22. Some questions regarding pressure vessels
  23. Tandem One-Way-Bearings
  24. Restoration screw thread issue - Old unidentified pistol late 1700
  25. Forces on bolt during vibration
  26. Pressure testable burst disc....
  27. Pump Inducer nomenclature
  28. Calculating required diameter of rod to support a given load
  29. Career after BSME
  30. High Push / Pull Force 12 Volt Actuator
  31. Unexpectedly high normal stress -beam bending.
  32. Sensitive accurate material extraction tool for clay like material w/ thin sheathing
  33. new style submarine/ pressure hull design
  34. Cable stresses
  35. Deck Joist Bending Calculations
  36. Controlling low air pressure
  37. newbie question: two pneumatic cylinders in series?
  38. Timing pulley type selection for power transmission
  39. Could this clockwork compete other storage methods?
  40. Calculating torque of an L shaped lever
  41. Special pneumatic valve
  42. Time to heat up a certain volume of air in an enclosure
  43. Trench heating (copper to aluminium grill)
  44. Hydraulic Total Cost of Ownership
  45. Mechanical Design Course
  46. Steer axles and cylinder force for trailers
  47. Looking for seamless forge rings
  48. Pneumatic cylinder Construction: Design
  49. Pitch Diameter Calculations
  50. Sprocket size and chain forces
  51. Conveyor belt to carry vehicles
  52. Slider Bush and Shaft Selection for Crank Slider
  53. RDM6 to Solidworks
  54. Forming Solid Round Bar Stock
  55. Help me design a Vacuum Drying system
  56. how to calculate the steel weight?
  57. Multi-stage scissors lift
  58. Looking for the following book:
  59. The flow measured by the electromagnetic flowmeter is not accurate. How to debug?
  60. Plate Stress and Deflection Anaylsis
  61. advanced planetary gears
  62. Materials and shapes: energy return and strength.
  63. How much does the flow of a pipe get reduced if undersized couplings are used?
  64. How to convert pressure (Bar) to flow rate (L/min)?
  65. Complete Joint
  66. How to remove water from liquid digestate?
  67. How to calculate flexural yield strength?
  68. Limit Switch on Winch System
  69. Thermal mangement
  70. Straightening PEEK tubing
  71. Required pulling horsepower
  72. ANSYSís tools
  73. High pressure, high temperature, low cost tank
  74. The illusive gravity mech
  75. Dimension Marking with Center Lines in Engineering Drawings
  76. Mounting a planar mirror with epoxy
  77. Bicycle axle material change, Uni project!
  78. Centrifugal Fan Arrangement Question
  79. Mechanical Design Engineers - what makes you good at your job?
  80. Deck Mounted Winch - Force, Stress,
  81. Small thread advice - anti loosening
  82. Top-Down Substructuring Code on Ansys
  83. Help needed with testing of sandwich panels
  84. Mechanical Properties for Titanium Expanded Metal
  85. pneaumatics
  86. How a non uniform force, converted to an equivalent point force acts on a surface.
  87. Help with designing and making a pneumatic tube transport system?
  88. Real world theater problem
  89. Bearing Arrangement
  90. Gear motor torque
  91. wind power is great but you cannot store the wind for future use
  92. Nail salon ventilation
  93. Need help with understanding water flow through branching pipes of different diameter
  94. How do you correctly calculate the heath transfer load?
  95. hydraulic motor (little fluid)
  96. Video Lectures for Lienhard Heat Transfer Textbook
  97. PE (ME: Machine Design & Materials) Exam Review study group
  98. looking to design an automated backlash checker for gearheads
  99. drying plastic surface.
  100. Rotating drum