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  1. Calculations for Formula SAE (which J?)
  2. mechanism
  3. Student in Mechanical Engineering looking for advice on my GPA and future
  4. How to design a Linkage let one point go line or a approximate line?
  5. Calculating flow rate from air to water
  6. Gear that can interpolate between two input gears
  7. Clutch' Use in this Gearbox
  8. Steering Subassembly Sanity Check
  9. Driven-Pinion Spur Gears?
  10. What If There Is No Gear/Tooth In The Center And Inner Lobe Of Rotary Wankel Engine?
  11. Output force of lever-crank mechanism
  12. Topics for research
  13. Differences in Chilled water loop ∆P measured at different places
  14. Elastomer Energy Return
  15. Hydraulic balancing control for two cylinders
  16. Understanding 'simple' splines - help!
  17. 2 compressor pump mounting for vibration isolation
  18. Pump Low Discharge Pressure
  19. How to calculate the strain on bolts in the fixture of a DC motor?
  20. new thread on bolt
  21. Titanium or Stainless steel?
  22. Stress in Bolt Due To Bending
  23. Calculateing necesary effort on steering wheel at hydraulic operated rudder
  24. MRT fastener
  25. Need help designing hydraulic system
  26. Fluid velocity profile shape calculation
  27. first law analysis of Rankine Power Cycle Thermal Efficiency Help
  28. Side entry mixer sizing
  29. Expansion Joint connection to crude oil tank
  30. Anyone ever design a weigh scale?
  31. Need information on alternatives to Harmonic Drives / Cycloidal Gear systems.
  32. Understanding moment and dynamic loading calculations
  33. Sizing an Orifice Plate for a specific Pressure
  34. Problem with my Venturi operated Drum Vac
  35. Half Journal Bearing?
  36. Trying to find a method to support an irregular shape at multiple points
  37. Load capacity of a box section cantilever please?
  38. Flow calculation through a valve
  39. Spur Gear DP Nube Question
  40. ceramic for brake caliper pistons
  41. Calculating the flow rate knowing Pressure and Diameter
  42. Ball Shear Calculation
  43. Compressive strength of a square tube.
  44. torque requirements for launching a ball
  45. Calculations for checking design of Lifeline Anchor
  46. Possible Engineering Job Fields
  47. MAWP for tank shell on Nastran
  48. Socket Head Cap Screws vs. Hex Head Bolts
  49. Spur Differential
  50. Ideas to create device that creates maximum amount of air drag.
  51. Calculating shear in a pin with known torque value
  52. Max stress and deflection on supported circular shaft
  53. Holding a baseline pressure
  54. Need help solving pressure vessel problem
  55. house tap powered motor
  56. turbine headscratcher
  57. Are six 3/8-inch steel rods as strong as four 1/2-inch steel rods?
  58. AC condenser unit - cooling down the area with water spray
  59. Energy savings from partially shading an exterior wall
  60. Sour gas material selection (Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel)
  61. Graduate Student Design Project
  62. Optimizing Tool Performance
  63. Nylon Torque Theory
  64. Pipe Losses
  65. Non cyclic S-N data
  66. zinc or other non steel metal material as ring material
  67. Doing resistance/spot weld by use of arc or TIG welder
  68. Mechanical connection using B system
  69. Nut M10 x 1.5 mate into bolt of 3/8" x 16 UNC ?
  70. 1/2-27 thread dimensions
  71. Counter balance on video tripod