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  1. Strength of material knowlege base requirements
  2. Strong materials and manufactures methods for car chassis and industrial design
  3. Water and slurry immersed wire rope maintenance
  4. Need help mounting a wheel
  5. Need help with my BB machine gun project!
  6. Help for guidance - B.E Mechtronics vs B.E Mechanical
  7. Square tube aluminum load ratings
  8. GRP pipe characteristics
  9. two wheel compressed air vehicle ( small size )
  10. Machining versus forming a bolt.
  11. Metal pipe joint
  12. Hole edge stress concentration
  13. Cylindrical Pressure Vessel with Stiffeners stress calculations
  14. Rectangular Pressure Vessel with horizontal welded stiffeners
  15. Knurling Specification and Tool Size Chart
  16. discuss centripetal force considerations with regard to machine design????
  17. describe the angle of repose in conjunction with machine design???
  18. Design of 4 stroke CI engine from few parameters(bmep,Brake Po,max.mean piston speed)
  19. Stress analysis on circular plate with diametral stiffeners
  20. Effects of fatigue and corrosion on mild steel yield strength
  21. Good reference book for material selection
  22. measuring vacuum inHg from the intake manifold of a diesel engine
  23. Help needed with shear and moment problem
  24. force needed to bend tubing
  25. engine lubricant temperature reduction
  26. priming 7,000 ft water siphon
  27. Safe working stress calculation examples.
  28. Clutch feel improvement in motorcycle
  29. Friction Question
  30. Oil flow through a gallery
  31. Pressure fluctuations vs Temperature
  32. Need Help, Please anyone who understand BOILER come in !!
  33. Stress analysis techniques without using finite elements method
  34. Stress in an oscillating system
  35. help needed with scissor lift
  36. Vehicle turns left when the steering wheel is turned right
  37. Steel material that is magnetic and stable when machined
  38. Rectangular Pressure Vessel
  39. direction of forece action for cornering force and lateral force
  40. Radial load turntable
  41. Square Steel Tubing Calculation (and related design questions)
  42. Heat loss through large air ducting
  43. Calculating the Shape of an Arc
  44. How to reduce clutch wear on disengagement?
  45. How much will these motors carry?
  46. 10" sch 40 Carbon steel pipe deflection
  47. Deforming poweful springs for assembly
  48. Engine torque power curve
  49. Conservation of fluid momentum
  50. Steam coming out of my expansion tank cap hose
  51. UNI 6604 Key Material Specifications
  52. Laser Doppler Anemometry and CFD - 3rd Year Project
  53. Two stoke engine fuel mixing
  54. Exhaust system in brewery
  55. Book on inertial forces in IC engine
  56. Air as spring
  57. Internal support of steel schedule 80 pipe
  58. Incropera heat and mass transfer book 1996 vs 2010 editions
  59. Reducing Oil Pressure Fluctuations
  60. Gears and Clutch
  61. Calculating quantity of pumped free flowing water
  62. syncronize/cutting drive between two gears
  63. Hydralic pump
  64. help on this spring analysis
  65. Turntable torque requirement
  66. Help on Heat transfer
  67. dynamic bending moment
  68. Belleville Washer - Torque calculation at working load
  69. Force on Guy Lines Using Falling Derrick - Spreadsheet to calculate degree by degree?
  70. Rotating mechanical connection
  71. help need on 2 types of Bearings!!!!!
  72. Lifting Table
  73. Spinning / Twist Discs .
  74. Double Row Bearing Issue
  75. Pressure relief valve, oxygen, capacity calculation
  76. Curved bars, maximum load calculation
  77. Spring help
  78. Gear Motors
  79. Heat Transfer on Biogas Pipeline
  80. Which equipment should I go for?
  81. Thermodynamic Open System Question Regarding Air Reservoirs
  82. Starting a career in Mechanical Engineering
  83. 1/4-20 Thread callout
  84. Help with simple (?) cfd analysis for school project
  85. Help needed for bicycle transmisison, level: ninja
  86. Finite element analysis software
  87. Calculating Acceleration and Torque Required in an Output Shaft
  88. Calculate Max Permissible Torque in a Shaft
  89. Vibrations & roaring noise in condo - HELP!!!
  90. moment of inertia of the ring
  91. Ventilation System for Diesel Generator Set
  92. pumps, compressors and mechanical seals text book(s)
  93. Grit removal channel design for industrial drainage (not waste water treatment)
  94. What is the difference between a motor and pump??
  95. Force to turn a generator
  96. air flow rate measurements
  97. Duct requirement 9-ton Aaon unit
  98. related to piezoelectricity
  99. Need help to find the mathematical model of the mechanic system(modeling dynamic sys)
  100. Statics Problem