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  1. Steam coming out of my expansion tank cap hose

    Good day guys, i have observe that a steam is coming out of the expansion tank cap hose. The end of this hose is open to the atmospher so i could see droplets of coolant out of this hose during...
  2. Water and slurry immersed wire rope maintenance

    Is it useful or worthwhile to lubricate (using grease or oil ) wire rope of a crane used in making a 50 meter deep trench when this wire rope is immersed in water and mud during loading.
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    i am going to assemble a hydralic motor.what is...

    i am going to assemble a hydralic motor.what is the typical clearance commonly used betweeen the valve plate and the barrel. its an axial piston hydraulic motor.
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    Hydraulic motor valve plate clearance

    Hello to all....wanna ask how much clearance should i give to my hydraulic motor valve plate
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