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    When you say air braking, does that entail...

    When you say air braking, does that entail redirecting the flow of air to be going against the vehicle. I forgot to mention that my vehicle is moving in a vacuum. I apologize for lacking in detail....
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    Non-contact High Speed Braking System

    Hello all,

    I'm working with a project that requires a form of braking for a high velocity vehicle/train. However, the braking system I hope to utilize is one that:

    1. Is non-contact
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    Eddy Current Braking

    I'm trying to figure out a relation for eddy current braking. Specifically, I'm attempting to derive an equation that would relate an electromagnet's principles (magnetic field B, current I, and...
  4. Hey JAlberts, thanks for the reply. I'm a little...

    Hey JAlberts, thanks for the reply. I'm a little confused on how the DC Electric Motor would work in my given case. Essentially, we need an electromagnet to induce a current onto a rail of aluminum...
  5. (NEW) Help with Electromagnetic Braking Principles

    So my friends and I are working on a Mechanical Engineering design project. I'm looking to create an electromagnetic brake that would be applied in a linear fashion as opposed to most that work in a...
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