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  1. What is the average cost to build a water treatment facility?

    Hello all,

    How can one determine the typical cost to build and operate a water treatment facility? Also, based on the capacity of the water treatment plant, how many housholds can the typical...
  2. How common are seawater swimming pools in Australia?

    Hello all,

    Now someone told me about their swimming pool somewhere coast in North Australia, it gets its water when tide come in, and that water leaves again when the tide goes out, keeping the...
  3. What Is the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria?

    Hi folks,

    Please describe the differences between bacteria that is considered good and bad? What kind of bacteria is typically found in the food source beans?

    Please feel free to send me a...
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    Hi friends, Thank you for your valuable...

    Hi friends,

    Thank you for your valuable thought and sharing this topic, Water quality is becoming an increasingly important issue in the US and around the world, Pollution of both ground water and...
  5. Is a Hydrogen Peroxide Water treatment system safe?

    Hello friends,

    I am thinking of adding a hydrogen peroxide water treatment system to my home. I found some info on them, but my main concern is if it is safe for drinking? Is it safe to use bleach...
  6. Is it important to save water even in a region with plentiful water resources?


    My brother always told me from washing any dish by hand. He says it is important to save water and protect the planet's resources. This seems to me completely , unnecessary, since we live...
  7. How common are seawater swimming pools in Australia?

    Hi friends,

    Someone just told me about their swimming pool somewhere by the coast in Northern Australia. Apparently, it gets its water when the tide comes in, and that water leaves again when the...
  8. Advance treatment for treated wastewater with TDS to be use in cooling tower?

    Hi everyone,

    What kind to advance treatment would you recommend for treated waste water with TDS present to be reuse in the cooling tower,

    Can anyone have an idea please help me?

    Thanks in...
  9. How do remove limescale from kettles?

    Hi all,

    It is a fairly new kettle that gets used several times a day, i keep it clean but its not help in to remove limescale and its building up around the lid and the bottom?

    Thanks a lot....
  10. What is the process in water treatment?

    Hi friends,

    Can anybody help me in telling me the process of water treatment?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Water cooling systems?

    Hi all,

    I am trying to build a water cooling system to cool some electronics however I need to be able to maintain the temperature of the electronics at around 12 degrees C for several hours. Do...
  12. How can I check if my generator has water damage?

    Hi guys,

    I stored my generator in a waterproof enclosure, however the top of the enclosure formed a leak and allowed water to enter the enclosure and exposed my generator to water and possible...
  13. How does the environment affect the organism?

    Hello all,

    How does the environment affect the organism, and how does an organism affect the environment? Have we humans have good or bad effects on the environment? Any suggestions would be...
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    Hello all

    Hey everyone,:grin:

    I am introducing myself here. My name is Harry Potterish. This is very amazing forum.I am very glad here to take part in discussion. I hope all members will help me and gain my...
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