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    Pick out any know connection (point to point)...

    Pick out any know connection (point to point) reference to the schematic diagrom and use a multimeter to check for continuity.
    If the board was etched inverted, (i,e fine trace removed instead of...
  2. Thanks for the reply. See link to example of what...

    Thanks for the reply. See link to example of what if i want to assembly an equivalent to that runs on 1.5V AA batteries instead.

    5.3V input~1.5Amps. Can i use 4x1.5V AA batteries. What about...
  3. Rigging A portable power supply for digital cameras

    As we know there are AC power input options for most video camcorder and digital cameras presently.
    Is it possible to buy or rig up a portable power supply that have a matching power input connector...
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    Metal material 'R40P'

    I got some specification on a metal material written as 'R40P'.

    The initial specification copy was in italian and quoted as 'Materiale - R40P'
    I also have an official tranlated copy in US English...
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