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Thread: Aluminium alloy

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    Aluminium alloy

    Dear sir,

    can u guide us for which grade of aluminium alloy would be suitable for manufacturing hydraulic jack of 500 ton capacity ??????

    What must be the bore dia of the cylinder ???? And what should be its wall thickness ???? What should be the working pressure of the jacks ????

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    Hi Sandip,
    You've asked about htis jack in another thread and were given the tools necessary to figure this out... but even better yet... was the suggestion that you consider other options. With as many questions that you have on this it has me thinking that maybe you shouldn't be building this thing.

    But... I expect this is a homework assignment and the board policy here is not to do homework for people.

    For what you are asking you will need to consider all of the questions you mentioned and some more. You might have a restricion on the size of the unit or work envelope. Then you need to know what this jack needs to do? Lift what? How high? Any ground considerations? 500 tons isn't a toy... that's some serious jack you're talking about.

    Also maybe consider using a few smaller jacks working together to get the job done? Maybe a bladder if this thing you're lifting would be suited for that? Take a 100" x 100" Bag that'll handle 100 psi and there's your 500 tons of lifting capacity for considerably less $$ I'd figure.

    Good Luck!!

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    I agree. We can tell from your questions that you do not know enough about the technology to design and build a safe 500 ton jack, whether we answer your specific questions or not. If you really need one, buy it. If you have to design one, start MUCH smaller and work your way up.

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