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Thread: need help on epicyclic gearing system

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    Confused need help on epicyclic gearing system

    im doing a design project for my class.. we are to design a gear system that is capable of lifting 450 kg of load, using wire cables.. we decided to use an epicyclic gear system.. the input is gear is controlled by human force (ie arm)..
    1. what is the amount of power exerted fr a everyday human being?
    1. what is the gear ratio needed so that it would not be a burden for a man to wind it up and down?
    2. can anyone provide the calculations?

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    "what is the gear ratio "
    "can anyone provide the calculations?"
    You mean do your homework for you? Not likely here. How do you think we learned this stuff? Sorry, but the hard way is the only way that works.
    As far as force from a typical human arm, I'm sure a few Google searches could help you with that.

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