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Thread: Electrical or multi skilled engineer course?

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    Electrical or multi skilled engineer course?

    Electrical engineer or multi skilled engineer?
    Hi I'm going back college in September to get some qualifications. I've got 7 years experience in engineering ranging from basic mechanical engineering to all aspects of pipework plumbing welding fabrication etc but no experience in electrical. In the future I see my career leaning towards on site engineering. I'm torn between getting my level 2 and 3 city and guilds electrical installation qualifications (2 years) or btec national diploma in engineering which apparently covers mechanical and electrical. Any advice would be welcome as I'm 50 50 on this. ( although I do have a bit of hands on experience in the mechanical side of things I'm far from confident in this). Thanks in advance Ryan.

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    Hate to be no help Ryan, but you are the best person to decide that. What are you happier doing? What stuff do you do that surprises you when you look at the clock and it is a half hour past quitting time?

    I love programming. A little story from about 1985 when I ran my software business from home. I was seated at the computer and wife kissed me on the top of my head, (had hair in those days) and said, "bye I am off to work," I waved and said, "bye." About ten minutes later I heard her come back in and I said, "forget something?" To which she replied, "it is 6:00pm and time to get dinner started."

    Did I mention I love programming, so my business was very successful for 30+ years. Never had a day I didn't like programming, now the same cannot be said for some clients, but that can be another story. I love Engineering too and have a natural flair for it, but programming, I can't live without it.

    Don't pick a vocation that just makes money. Life is a one-shot affair and should not be wasted in the pursuit of cash.

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