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Thread: Northern/remote engineering job

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    Northern/remote engineering job


    I will graduate this year from mechanical engineering and now I am curently working as a maintenance engineer in an iron mine in a remote area.

    I am looking for other jobs that are in unusual/remote regions. I know a lot of mining site that are in wild territories but I would like some ideas to widen my search. Is there another sector of activity other than mine/petrol.... I always dreamed to be on exploration and prospection team as an engineer, maybe I should have studied geology haha!



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    Hi JC,

    I spent a great deal of my Engineering life working as a Contract Engineer where I would limit my term to three to six months max. I have worked in some pretty crappy jungle/desert/wild sites and overall always a lot of fun. I worked in a lot of mining and Oil exploration and/or drilling locations under a variety of crappy to luxury conditions.

    Check out a few International mining/Oil companies like Bechtel, Hawker Siddely Brush (not sure if they still exist) Halliburton etc. Start here and Google on...


    There are also some generic mining/oil workers-wanted sites. With short term contracts it is pointless to indicate any one job as by it's very nature, what I suggest today may no longer be available tomorrow.

    So, just go search and if it sounds interesting apply, pack your bags and be prepared for hardship, big pay checks and an interesting work environment.

    Not good for building a golden-egg retirement career but one hell of a lot of fun to work in, then holiday until the money runs out, then get another job. Call me irresponsible? Yup and proud to be.

    At my age I have a lot of ex-corporate type friends who now regret their locked in career paths and every one has apologized for berating me in our youth for my stupid career choices. Being overweight and Arthritis settling in to limit their mobility, they have the huge retirement fund but are now limited to shuffle board on a Seniors Only cruise.

    As Nike says, "just do it!"

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    Awesome answer! thank you.

    That's my vision also.... always been on the road and in remote area, being stuck in a single job for a long time isnt my type of thing and I love travelling.

    Thanks for sharing!

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