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Thread: Who can answer this question? Many thanks!

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    Who can answer this question? Many thanks!

    A bar of steel has following properties:Se=250MPa, Sy=500MPa and Su=800MPa for a reliability factor of 92%. For each of the cases below, when all the correction factors apart from Kc are equal to 1, find the factor of safty guarding against a static failure and either the factor of safty guarding against a fatigue failure or the expected life of the part with a reliability factor of 95%.
    (a) A tortional stress between 250MPa and -150MPa(negative)
    (b) the previous situation (a) with an added steady tensile stress of 50MPa

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    Hi Pip,
    Have a look at the forum rules here...

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    Or -- better yet, consult the course notes. I have never seen a homework question set that had not yet been covered in basis in the Notes or Lectures.

    Is this really how you think you will behave as a qualified Engineer, should you ever graduate? Will this be your response when asked to design a structure? "OK boss, give me a few days to find out the answer on the Internet..."

    Hit the books and don't be so lazy Pipper!

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