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Thread: Manufacturing Multi-Tool Scissors

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    Manufacturing Multi-Tool Scissors

    I looking for a recommendation for a US manufacturer or vendor that will make custom or sell an existing design of fold out scissors for mass production. These scissors seem pretty ubiquitous and are found in about all pocket knives and multi-tools. I am looking to setup a production of a new unique multi-tool that will include fold-out scissors. I am finding is easy to find manufacturers in China for this but no luck so far in the US.

    Thanks for the help.

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    As per forum rules, I don't want to throw about corporate names, but if you use your favorite search engine and type in:

    "specialty knives and tools" Lynwwood, WA

    you should get a good starting point.


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    Well, it's great that you want to consider US manufacturer’s for your scissor design components and assembly.

    Unfortunately, over the last thirty years our manufacturing industry has been for the most part decimated by a variety of forces (political ideology, poor business management, expensive labor and economic policy).

    My best recommendation is that you look to those manufacturing organization whom have adapted to DOD contractor requirements. DOD contractors are required by law to purchase from US suppliers and manufacturing organizations, this is why they have survived.

    There is however a growing trend to move manufacturing operations to the US. There has been a recent shift in economic policy, inflation and other factors that is making it feasible to manufacture in the US.

    This trend will take time to fully mature and bring back a significant manufacturing presence in the US though.

    Good luck!

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