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Thread: re.position tolerance datum callout doubt

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    re.position tolerance datum callout doubt

    Kindly any one clarify me that; If can I give a Position Tolerance to a hole without using datum references like A B C in feature control frame..

    But I had positioned the hole from another Hole using basic dimension's.
    Is this method is correct to give?


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    A picture posted on this forum would be helpfull...

    Yes you can use position tolerancing with datums. In general, you will be controlling a pattern of feature relative to each other.

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    You cannot position a single hole unless another datum is referenced at the end of the feature control frame. However, if two or more holes are being positioned by the same feature control frame (with the 2X notation) then it is legal to not have any datums. This will merely control the distance between the holes (and their orientation to one another). The holes could be on a severe angle through the part and you'll never know it. But they will be tied together. So it's legal, but not recommended.

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