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Thread: Pressure/Temperature Data Loggers

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    Pressure/Temperature Data Loggers

    Anyone have experience with a data logger that I can put into my process that will record temp (up to 300F) and pressure (-1 to 1 bar)? It's a sealed environment...needs to either be totally submersed in the process or done via RF or other wireless comm. Thanks.

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    How we have to use Pressure/Temperature Data Loggers, Iam new to Forums,anybody suggest me about it.

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    Search your favorite search engine for ""Pressure/Temperature Data Loggers"" - millions of results...

    Pressure/Temperature Data Logger probes are often placed in the sealed enclosure with pressure/temperature sensor wires connected via. a sealed flange fitting or equivalent. Vacuum or pressure capable connectors are readily available in industry.

    Also, look at “Environmental Testing Chambers” for ideals of how to seal the enclosure and through fitting for data loggers. You should be able to buy standard sealed flanges with connectors, etc. already installed.

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