Does anyone have experience with gasification of plastics? In particularly polyethylene. I know gasification is old technology, but when you apply it to a certain fuel source it presents unanticipated issues. So we are mainly talking about how stuff burns. Gasifiing industrial and / or residential waste is simpler because the mixture of materials are gas permeable and allow hot air to penetrate the pile of fuel. A pile of melting plastic, bascally burns away at the surface until the fixed carbon produces an insulating barrier, effectively stopping the process. I have built a stationary prototype that can handle about 75 kg/hr. The reason it cannot handle more is because as described above. I need to design an agitation system, or a rotating kiln type system to continually expose unburned surfaces to temperature. My goal is to gasify 1 tonne/hr of un-recyclable plastics and use the energy in my processing system.

I'm new to this site so please let me know about etiquette errors.