Hi guys,

I am an Italian student, and I have just finished a bachelor degree in business management.
I found this forum through a google search; at the moment, I am really unsure (or, rather, quite sure about not) proceeding with a Master's degree in business (should you be interested, I can tell you more about the reasons), in spite of having been accepted in a top-tier business school in Europe.

More to the point, I am (or at least, was in high school) good at Maths and Physics, and I am seriously considering to enrol into an engineering programme at ETH Zurich the next academic year (I will be 23 by then), which is why I registered here.

What I would really like to know are some insider perspectives about current trends in engineering education, its evaluation in the professional world, any disadvantages that engineers typically experience during their careers, as well as a recommendation about whether or not I should bother with this (5 year) education at all. I can say that I am strongly motivated for this, as business was very much a diversion from my aptitude (I do enjoy Mathematics, sequential day-to-day learning, and understanding the natural world, and I do believe that one cannot create economic or societal value only by 'managing' things), but I might be unaware of some difficulties that lie along the road.

On the other hand, should you have any questions about business education, feel free to ask. I cannot say that I am very acquainted with how business school graduates perform in the professional world, having had only jobs in my hometown (in very small companies), but at least academically I give you an inside perspective.

I hope to enjoy my stay on this forum!