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Thread: Particle Size Distribution

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    Particle Size Distribution

    Hi All,
    Hoping someone here can help - I'm just completing a question on a Soil Mechanics assignment (last one for the year!!) and I'm having some trouble with the Particle Size Distribution component. Basically I've plotted my percent passing on a log graph, but according to my figures the amount passing the .075u sieve is greater than 10%. There are no results supplied for a hydrometer (?) test either... Now when I'm trying to work out Cc and Cu I don't have a figure that correlates for D10. What should I do in this situation - simply plot the graph without working out Cc and Cu? The overall question relates to classifying a soil and there are Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit & Compaction & CBR results, so I think I can classify it without.... Any help would be really appreciated!

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    Well,in the absence of D10, in this case, you can only say that
    and use the equations for Cc and Cu getting inequalities like
    etc for Cc

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