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Thread: wear factors of lathe cutting tools

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    wear factors of lathe cutting tools

    hi folks,

    my name is Drew, I am a student in mechanical engineering. currently we are going over lathing operations. friday the prof went over information regarding 7 major wear factors of lathing cutting tools. I was pre-occupied with helping another student with her computer, and was not able to take the note ( serves me right ). can someone please list what im missing

    plastic deformation

    thermal fatigue

    fracture failure

    cutting velocity

    thats all I was able to write down. please help me out

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    Abrasion between tool and workpiece...

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    Optimum wear-life relative to cycle times and efficiencies?

    High feeds and speeds will wear the tools faster but there may be big savings on overall productions costs at the smaller expense of more frequent tool replacement.

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