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Thread: Tempering Aluminium Alloys

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    Tempering Aluminium Alloys

    Hi all

    I'm currently working with AA6011, I want to apply a number of tempering standards to this alloy, namely T6 and T7. Both require solution heat treating in a salt bath at 560C, but I'm not sure what I need to do after. From the supplier it states:

    T6 Solution heat treated and artificially aged.
    T7 Solution heat treated and stabilized.

    Does anyone know what the standard procedures are for artificially aging and stabilising? Ie, temperatures, time subjected to treatment, etc.
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    The procedure to temper your material is interesting, however nonmaterial.

    Specify the materials end temper and other characteristics that you need in your end item and let manufacturing worry about how to get there.

    If you need more information or do not understand your supplier specifications - call and ask the supplier or manufacturing organization..

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    Hi aazer10, And welcome to the forum...

    Like Kelly mentioned... it's an interesting process. Altering the properties of metals with temperature changes or working the material is fascinating stuff. But to understand it down to the molecular level will require a lot of reading and/or courses. I've had a lot of conversation with a great guy who's knows all about this sort of thing and I've come to the conclusion that I'm just fine with letting him deal with it. I tell him what I'm making and my expectations of the material and he makes it happen or suggests alternate materials or processing options etc. to get me where I need to be. It's sort of like my mums rhubarb pie... I don't know how she makes it but it comes out great every time and I'm good with that...!!

    I found this paper on the world wide web that will give you some information as to what's involved in precipitation hardening... artificial aging. It has several good references in the paper and was one of the explanations of the process I found that was pretty easy to follow. With pictures and everything...

    There are also many deeper explanations of the process out there to look at if you want to get into it heavy. Just search... precipitation hardening aluminum... or heat treating aluminum.. .etc. and all sorts of things pop up.

    Good luck,

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