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    Hello everyone

    I am currently in the process of upgrading to go to University to get my degree in Electrical Engineering like almost everyone else in here. Currently the plan is to continue afterwards and get me P Eng also. In September of this year I finished my certification and got my Red Seal Trade as a 309A electrician. All through trade school I averaged over a 90% and got 88% on my certificate of qualification exam (which is a respectable grade). My question is, will my experience in the trade help me get into preferred Universities and will it continue when I am done school and help me get a better job. I have been out of high school for what is going on 9 years and currently upgrading/refreshing Calculus, Advanced functions, Physics, and Chemistry but I also have the option to get a few more trades in the mean time. (442A Industrial Electrician and 447A Instrumentation and Controls would both be easily acquired)

    As an electrician I have ran interesting jobs to note that range from 250 KW up to 3 MW Co generators running off bio gas. I also work with fire alarm systems and up to 27.6 Kv on a regular basis and am comfortable in all my surroundings in the trade.

    At this time I am looking for advice and pointers from people in the industry I hope to be in shortly.

    Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    You sound like a dedicated hard worker. I have great admiration for your ilk and I am sure the educational-path you choose will be completed with good grades.

    However, as to that path, try and find stuff that really interests you. Things that make you forget it is work and that you would love the job even if you were not paid.

    The "good" universities etc are trivial in the overall scheme of your working life. I know of many many people (I am old) who have qualifications up and down their arms yet they work in pursuits that make them happy rather than what they were qualified for. So, try to keep the big picture (life) in mind when making these decisions and choosing a career path.

    I am sure you will do well in whatever you choose, but always keep options open for a path-change to a better, happier life.

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