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Thread: Fire sprinkler system

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    Fire sprinkler system

    Just want to know a little idea as to how many sprinkler heads can one i connect with a 4" dia line, 3" dia line, 2" dia line and so on. Would be great if someone could share it in a tabulated form, like making a table and putting different dia lines and sprinkler heads against each. I am after a small warehouse firefighting designing and intend to install a fire sprinkler system there. Thanks

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    I'm not a piping designer but that sounds like a question that can only be answered by consulting your local codes.

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    It is not that simple. A fire sprinkler is a system. It is designed from the door with the outside water supply to the last head on the runs. Often there will be several outside water supply (plus Fire Department connections to boost pressure) points and the flow and pressure drop calculations are enormous.

    I wrote some software maybe twenty years back to calculate pressure drop in sprinkler systems. It took as I recall about five months work and even then was still quite limited in it's capabilities.

    I would strongly suggest you engage a company that specializes in turn-key sprinkler systems to quote on the project for you. Otherwise your morning outlook might be from under a bush on the Pasadena fly-over should there be a subsequent fire in the small warehouse.

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