Hey guys and gals,
I'm a ME and have designed and am currently building a device with a load cell and data logger in it. I am trying to figure out a way in which I could split the voltage output from the load cell so that I can still have it go through the data logger to be recorded, but have the second wire go through to a "smart screen" (that's what I'll be calling this, not sure if there's a proper name for it) which I would like to add. I have a basic idea but already spent weeks banging my head against the wall designing a control circuit for the device and figure you guys could spit out a solution to this a lot quicker than me doing more research on how to get it done.

Here's the deal:
I want to have this smart screen read out the pound conversion from the load cell's output. Now, the load cell will be outputting 2mv/V (with 10 V being input). I envision this being possible with a series of multiplier circuits (which I don't quite understand, just the idea behind what they can do) which multiply the voltage to some pound equivalent and a "smart screen" displaying this readout (I imagine some small processor of sort being required here?).

Do you guys have any idea how this might be done/what sort of screens/components I could use for this? (figure you all could give me an answer a lot quicker than I would be able to figure it out)