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    Confused Steel Types

    I am new here so I am not sure it this is the appropriate forum. I need to know if there is there a difference between AISI 1010 ERW and HM HRPO MT 1010 steels. My customer spec out the former and my supplier sent me the latter. Do I need to raise the issue with the supplier?


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    Welcome to the group,

    Tell the supplier to send you the MSDS and send copies to the customer for approval. Dangerous stuff taking responsibility for substitutes. The customer is the one to decide if "the same" is the same as "the same."

    Generally, I will not give you the answer to your question, but I *will* guide you into discovering how to solve this yourself.

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    Like Dave said... best to run it by the customer. Better safe than sorry...
    Also you really won't need the MSDS but the material certification will help you. Seen one MSDS you seen them all... I really think the only people in the world that actually read Material Safety Data Sheets are the people who write them and maybe a lawyer or two might skim through one now and then.

    I don't have a clue what the HM in front stands for? Be interested to learn that one. Maybe it's "Homer's Metals" or a supplier specific thing?

    Some F.Y.I. things...
    Your customer didn't call out the material with enough detail on their print. Could be because it isn't critical and maybe this material is for fence posts? Or could be because they're not aware? (We go by ASTM specs here at our shop. If you do a search on AISI specs it'll read pretty much the same.) ASTM A 513 tubing specifications come in many flavors. (They call them out as "Types" see info copied from ASTM site below...) HRPO MT ... Hot Rolled Pickeled & Oiled Mechanical Tubing... is Electric Resistance Welded Tube ... ERW. Only difference is the carbon content allowable range is broader on the Mechanical Tubing (MT) than straight up vanilla 1010. Some folks call MT structural tubing. There could be more or less carbon content in the MT than vanilla... or exactly the same as vanilla. Odds are very high that the carbon content will fall in the same range on the MT as the plain 1010. Dimensional tolerances are the same.

    Another issue or difference between the two specs you're dealing with will be what "type" did the customer actually want. You got type 1b... They Might have wanted Type 1a (unlikely) or Type 2 (possibly) but if so, they should have called it out.

    Regardless... 1010 is technically NOT MT1010. It CAN be same... but could be slightly off the mark of the 1010 spec. Same thing only different...
    If you got the certs with the material (sometimes the mills will charge for that) you could see where the carbon content fell out and if it's within .08 - .13% (1010's range) then you might decide to...?

    Oh... and the "HM" in the beginning... whatever that is could be a deal breaker there...?

    Regarding ASTM specification A513...
    "This specification covers round, square, rectangular, and special shape electric-resistance-welded carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing produced by hot- or cold-rolling. The types of tubing covered here are: Type 1a, as-welded from hot-rolled steel (with mill scale); Type 1b, as-welded from hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel (mill scale removed); Type 2, as-welded from cold-rolled steel; Type 3, sink-drawn hot-rolled steel; Type 4, sink-drawn cold-rolled steel; Type 5, drawn over a mandrel; and Type 6, special smooth inside diameter. Heat and product analyses shall be made to determine the percentages of chemical elements, to which the steel specimens shall conform to. Tubing shall be free of injurious defects and shall have a workmanlike finish. When specified, tubing shall be coated with a film of rust retarding oil before shipping."

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