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Thread: Plastic handle for hand saw

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    Plastic handle for hand saw

    Hello guys

    I want to test your patience and ask you about folowing

    Please forward me to resources where I can obtain information regarding mechanical conditions/requirements behind designing handle for hand saw:

    * raw material for blade(what exactly tool steel is used)

    * physics behind cutting - forces and so forth(in the case of evaluating screws connections behind handle and blade)

    *compound typicaly selected for handle




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    Hi and welcome to the forum...

    I'd start out with a quick search on the world wide web... Most of what you're asking would require a lot of typing and thing is... it's all already been typed on several different sites. All the nomenclature that goes with the details of a saw as well.

    Then there's always the reverse engineering concept. That is where you go buy a saw and then study it.

    It's just too much detail along with many... many different types or options, that makes it a difficult thing to throw it all out there. Study up on what you find and if you have any more questions regarding some of the details we might be able to help you out. But you need to do some research on your own first and get a better idea of what is involved.

    Saws are a really cool invention... Have fun and Good Luck!

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    Hello Bob

    thx for the input. The reverse engineering is the first wthing I started, hence while performing it(reverse engineering) I am limited to conclusions I am able to make myself.

    basicaly I am mostly interested in type of compounds one should take into consideration while developing a handle for such a product, screws calculations(yeah, I could just pick up the best/expensive saw at the shop, copy the screws and have task done), and ergonomic conditions behind the handle area.

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