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Thread: Help needed in sourcing mounting screw

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    Help needed in sourcing mounting screw

    I'm looking for screw with following characteristic.
    Thread : M3 or M4
    Head diameter : not important
    Head thickness : 1mm or 1.2mm
    Length : 10mm
    Head shape : Philips, flat head or hex

    If anyone know where does Apple source their mounting screws for iPAD/MacBook Air... low profile thin products... please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Small ISO fasteners are readily available - in volume. Search for "small metric screws" or similar.

    I believe Radio Shack as well as Frys Electronics sell small screw kits... Also, check out any local watch repair shop...

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    For a start, with a 1mm head height a recessed type drive will be mandatory. Often screws are made to design when the quantity is large enough. How many are you looking for? If it is under about 1,000 then follow Kelly's advice. If more than, then look for companies with Swiss Screw machines. The "Edge" has it all covered...

    Generally, I will not give you the answer to your question, but I *will* guide you into discovering how to solve this yourself.
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