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Thread: Biocompatible Paint for medical product

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    Biocompatible Paint for medical product


    I've just registered to this forum today. I'm currently working on a project designing a desktop eye scanner. At the moment Iím helping to research biocompatible paint for the face plate and handles and the paint must meet ISO 10933. Does anyone know if such paint exists? The paint will only need to meet part of the 10933 as there will only be skin contact between the patient and the device.

    Using biocompatible paint was our second option as this gives us some flexibility in choosing the material. Initially we were looking at biocompatible plastic material with the 10933 standard however that proved quite difficult as we canít have polycarbonate in the material at all. I would be grateful if you have any knowledge to share on this matter.

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    Hi Lisa,

    Having worked in the medical product industry for several years we tried to stay away from painted surfaces coming in contact with skin. Paint most times retains germs etc and is difficult to sanitize.

    We most times used a colored plastic or a plated metal.

    If you need to use a paint...simply work with your paint vendor and see if they can use a "Microban" inhibitor.

    Good Luck

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