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Thread: Help a budding engineer!

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    Help a budding engineer!

    Hello Engineers Edge! My name is Jonathan Campbell, i'm 16 and currently live with my parents in Liverpool, England. I'm currently studying at school for my GCSE's and wish to become a qualified engineer, however i do not have any experience in the industry and feel the best way to begin learning is to talk to those who have already chosen this path!

    My strengths at school are Maths and Combined Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology) and i am predicted to pass my other subjects. I believe Engineering would be an exciting career to undertake as i enjoy problem solving, designing things and being creative and i also like the idea of the prospect of working in different contries.

    The problem i have is i know very little about the industry and how to be introduced into an Engineer role!
    I understand the industry is vast but ideally i'd like to know how to get involved and on the right track to a good career aswell as information on the different paths in Engineering so i could choose the most suitable.

    If you're an Engineer and have a moment to spare then i'd appreciate it if you could share how you started out in the industry, any information on what opportunities are best for a soon to be school leaver and if there is anything to avoid doing along the way.

    Thank you EngineersEdge, Jonathan

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    Hi Jonathan and welcome to the forum...

    First I'd like to say that I admire your enthusiasm. You seem to be on the right track and it's great that you have an idea of what path you want to take. If I had one bit of advise to offer I suppose it'd be this. Courses that directly apply to a variety of engineering fields would naturally seem to be where you'd like to focus your attention, but don't neglect the other classes. There's a lot more to becoming a professional "anything" than the subject of that "anything." Becoming well rounded is a requirement in any field if you want to excel.

    I don't know how things are across the big pond there but here in the U.S. I see more and more young folks falling into a texting world way of communicating. With hundreds of shortcuts on everything they say or spell. Get in the habit of trying to communicate clearly with correct spelling and punctuation. Most any sound business out there wants employees that are able to handle themselves in a professional manner and that includes knowing how to speak and write clearly. You'll have classes that aren't necessarily going to be your cup of tea. But give those classes as much effort as you can muster as well. You'd be surprised how much of what you learn in the seemingly irrelevant classes you take will effect your future. (Although I still haven't found any use whatsoever for learning about ancient Greek Mythology? )......... (Oh... and don't use these fun little face things in a professional letter... )

    The few truly brilliant people I've known in my life were well rounded individuals that saw things from many different views. Read books... take classes... do well... but don't be afraid to pick up a pick and a shovel and get a few blisters either. No matter what the field, having an appreciation for the contribution everyone has in life will help you succeed. And to appreciate what other folks do you'll need to have some basic understanding or at least some basic exposure to those other fields.

    Good luck...!

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