I was wondering if anybody in engineering disciplines outside civil/environmental engineering know of employment possibilities for somebody getting a masters degree in hydraulic engineering/fluid mechanics? I'm finishing my undergrad in civil engineering this semester and plan on doing starting my MS in hyd. eng/fluid mechanics in the fall. It's not that I don't want to go into civil engineering necessarily, it's just that I'd like to keep my options open while furthering my education (I'll be getting a TA or RAship so I'm not paying for it).

I do know that I like fluid mechanics and using the physics found therein to model engineering systems. More specifically, I plan on studying computational fluid dynamics more extensively than a typical hydraulic engineering grad student might (I might even do some research and write a thesis with it if I'm lucky). CFD has applications in various fields of engineering right? Any input from people in the "real world" and not in academia would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!