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Thread: Finding the gyroscopic couple for selection of rotary dampers

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    Finding the gyroscopic couple for selection of rotary dampers

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    I am working on a wind turbine prototype at the moment. I would like to know whether the Inventor can be used to find the gyroscopic couple in the dynamic simulation environment. I have these questions in my mind

    1. if i simulate the rotor blades running at an angular velocity, say omega, does the inventor can show the angle of precession?

    I know the rotors angular velocity omega(w), the moment of inertia (I) and needs to find out the angular velocity of precession(wp) so that I can predict the gyroscopic couple and select a suitable rotary damper. i know that we can find it by doing physical resting my measuring the change in the direction of anglular velocity of the rotor with an angular acceleration or deceleration. Does any of the softwares can simulate this phenomenon?
    2. Is there any way to find the angle of precession if I know know the moment of inertia of the rotating parts, the angular velocity of the rotor blades at different intervals without doing physical measurements ?

    Thank you very much in advance

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    I think you need an education in dynamics, judging from the questions you are asking.
    Saying you want an angle of precession is incorrect when you mean rate of precession.
    You must at least know that the the rate of change of angular momentum is torque and then figure out how this torque is manifested.
    Please get a good book on the subject and understand the principles.

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