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Thread: Need help designing a clay disk launcher

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    Need help designing a clay disk launcher

    I began designing a clay disk launcher for when I go to the gun range and I want it to be something like this:

    I am having trouble sizing an electric motor since I don't have much exposure to electrical yet (I'm almost done my 2nd year of engineering in university)

    The clay pigeon launcher is about 10cm by 10cm and I calculated my exit speed to be 34m/s if it's going in a projectile motion (min X distance = 30m & min Y distance = 10m) - this does not account for wind speeds which I will do later

    I have attached my calculations below. My numbers end up being ridiculously high and at this point I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    1) I want to find the RPM that the clay disk develops as it is accelerated to 34 m/s. On the second page I get it to be 6500 RPM, which seems unusually high. (I'm thinking that the clay disk will break at this high rpm)

    2) The acceleration ends up being 14720 m/s^2 based on my circumference distance that the clay disk has to travel to reach 34 m/s. Also my time to do that is .001 sec - again really high

    3) I calculated my driving wheel torque to be 2.3 ft-lb, now is there a portable electric motor that will be able to provide that kind of torque?

    4) How do I account for rolling friction?

    Couldn't attach here because files too large....
    Page 1 -
    Page 2 -
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