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Thread: Design of 3 phase ac to dc power supply

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    usman umar

    Design of 3 phase ac to dc power supply

    i am designing 3 phase power supply. out put from alternator is 28 v , 206.4 A , 100 hz , 0.8 pf..
    now i have to use a 3 phase rectifier . DC 28 V is needed at o/p.

    what is the output power after rectification . current also? formula??
    how to design a capacitor if we want max ripple voltage = 28mv?
    how to measure ripples(any cct)?


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    Quote Originally Posted by usman umar View Post
    how to measure ripples?
    First you will need to invent the oscilloscope.


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    Without some very basic understanding of electricity, I don't see how you can design a power supply.
    I suggest you get a book on the subject and do some serious reading first.
    Then we can help.

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