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Thread: Engineering Design Question

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    Engineering Design Question

    Hi all,
    First off sorry if this is the wrong section to be asking this question. Could anyone give me an idea of a machine that I could design, in order to generate the "double-helix" pattern as seen in the attached picture? I was thinking of using a single nozzled machine, that would move in and out of the bottle, whilst the bottle itself would be rotated.
    What kind of control systems would be used you reckon? Also, how do the gels in that picture maintain their shape through travel, shaking and what not?
    I realise that the nozzle would be essentially powered by air, and I suppose the next question Im going to ask is going to be a fairly novice one, but how is this air actually used to force the gels into the tube. Look forward to your replies.
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    Hi Pret91 and welcome to the forum.

    You have some sort of jar of something, or part there....?? When I read what you've written and try to figure out what's in the attached picture... I don't have a clue what you're looking for.

    Going to need some clarification to offer anything up. Is this liquid in a jar? Machined plastic of some sort? What does it do or its purpose?

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