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Thread: Dimond Shape on print

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    Dimond Shape on print

    I Have a print with a Dimond shape next to the Feature Control Frame With a 1 in it. And it is not the flatness symbol. There is no Legend on the print to explain them. Anyone as any ideal what they might be for.

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    At a guess, the customer might know. Have you asked them?

    Even if you get a response here it would be unwise to proceed on just that say so especially if the symbol holds some great significance to the customer.

    It is always risky to assume anything on a drawing.

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    If you are in any way related to the auto industry, this is a common symbol used by a very large OEM (HQ in Detroit -- you can connect the dots), and it is their way of symbolizing a "key product characteristic" or what some people call a critical dimension, etc. It indicates that the quality department must not only pass good parts and reject bad parts, but also keep a log of actual numbers for how well the real parts meet the tolerance. Then everything can be monitored with statistical control. This gets into the world of Cpk (capability studies), SPC, and similar quality policies.

    Of course, I could be way off if you're outside the caveat mentioned in my first sentence.

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