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Thread: Engineering job in Boston with no engineering degree but a passed FE exam?

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    Engineering job in Boston with no engineering degree but a passed FE exam?

    Hi everyone,
    I have a B.S. in Math with a Chemistry minor from UMass-Amherst and a M.S. in Operations Research from Norhteastern. I also studied Financial Engineering at Georgia Tech before transferring to Northeastern. I have also passed an actuary exam. Since graduating with my M.S. I have had a very hard time finding work and have mostly only been able to find long term temp jobs in finance.
    Anyways, I don't particularly like finance and am interested in working as a mechanical or biomedical engineer. I was just wondering if I need to go back to school for another M.S. in order to get a job in these fields. I am pretty sure that I qualify to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. What do you think the chances are of landing an engineering job with just a passed FE exam?
    I appreciate any advice you can give me.

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    Employment opportunities vary by industry and organization. Small companies tend to be more flexible, however less interested in degrees more in experience and employee cost. Large organizations are more college degree oriented regardless of position or end contribution.

    Be aware that recent cuts in government spending will effect many engineering professions as our govenrment directly and indirectly employs more than half on the degreed engineers in the USA.

    Wish I had a more definative answer... Just keep grinding the job search!

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    An engineering certification with a Math BS should be good for a beginning engineering position. Expect to be near the bottom of the pay scale but consider that dues for gaining valuable experience. Once you have a year or two experiences and know your way around an engineering department go for the better job opportunities. Most large companies offer all the classes (TEDS) you'll need to hone your skills. I would not get a master unless going towards upper management.

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