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Thread: force a human can apply while cranking a lever

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    force a human can apply while cranking a lever

    CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT IS THE AVERAGE FORCE A HUMAN CAN APPLY DURING CRANKING USING A LEVER OR TURNING USING LEVER?(According to international standards of ergonomics) I need to know the torque that can be applied by a human but since I have decided the length of lever I am asking for the force that can be applied
    This will help my project

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    Hi Vimal,
    I think your question is a bit vague.
    What do you mean for "human"? Man, female, age, etc? But especially, how long the human has to apply the force?
    Just one time in a day or for 8 hours continuously?

    I suppose you have to see the NIOSH standards. You will find a table with different categories ordered by: age, sex, type of activity, duration, etc.

    Here there is an example (attention, this is NOT exactly what you want)

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    I would search "Human Factors Engineering" within the country where the end item is to be used.

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