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Thread: Is there really manufacturing in Florida?

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    Confused Is there really manufacturing in Florida?

    I always considered Florida as tourism, tourism, tourism and maybe some orange groves.
    I seen an ad in C'list that says there is an on-line job fair for various manufacturing engineers.

    Anyone working down there? Thumbs up or down? The idea of year round beach weather sounds good!

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    There is work pretty much anywhere you want to seek it out. Take a few days off and go to the job fair. It will have up to date information rather than anecdotal ramblings of the sage, but well meaning advisers here.

    Remember Florida abuts states that it shares some of the nastiest mosquito ridden, smelliest, alligator infested swamps with, so it may not be all beach and sunshine where you might be working.

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    Yes, there is manufacturing in Florida.. I have many customers there...

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