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Thread: PHPBB set up issues

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    PHPBB set up issues

    Hi Kelly,

    A couple of things. Not complaining, just suggesting OK??

    When I first arrive at the site, I have to click the "Login name" field then enter "p" and Firefox adds in the rest but it does not add in the password. I have to click in the password field and then it inserts it. On other PHPBB forums I have used, it automatically places the login name and password in both fields as soon as the page completes. All I then need do is click "Login."

    At the bottom of a thread there is a button with "Engineering Main Forum." When I click that I get a menu list with "Engineers Edge Forums READ ME" and
    "Testing and Practice Forum"

    I'd like to be able to return the current forum I was in, to wit, "Engineering Main Forum"

    Oh, and when I click "Log Out" I am asked if I am sure. Is there an option I can set so I am not asked that? The likelihood of the mouse cursor accidentally being over the "Log Out" link *and* clicked, is highly unlikely.

    It's all looking very good though.

    Just some tweaks to consider for your spare time.
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