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Thread: GRP pipe characteristics

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    GRP pipe characteristics

    This is my first time in this forum.

    For our new project in a waste water treatment plant we installed above ground GRP pipes to transfer waste water.
    Now, the client ask for the the reason of the use of GRP instead of Stainless steel 316L.

    Because the plant is in the Gulf area (where the sunlight is very agressif and temperatures are high is summer time), I am looking for a report or study showing that GRP pipes are weather resistant and since it's directly exposed to the sunlight, this hasn't any effect on it.
    if existing, additional information related to the heat and temperature is needed.

    Can you please help me to get such documents?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Welcome to EE...

    I would contact the particular manufacturer of the GRP pipe you plan to use and ask for UV or sunlight performance and testing data.

    I beleive that GRP pipe that is not installed underground and in direct sulight is different in that the pipe has an extra external layer of UV resisitant outer layer.

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    In my experience, GRP will begin to deteriorate after about 8+ years regardless of the UV inhibitors and/or plasticizers. The inhibitors are only going to slow the onset of material breakdown, they will not prevent it as the inhibitors and plasticizers will also break down over time.

    There will be no papers on GRP "directly exposed to the sunlight, this hasn't any effect on it" It will deteriorate over time, the only discussion up for grabs is how long that time is before serious deterioration sets in.

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