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Thread: two wheel compressed air vehicle ( small size )

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    two wheel compressed air vehicle ( small size )

    Hi, I am a fresh engineering student who is udergoing Mechatronics and Robotic course in Singapore. Currently the vehicle power is driven by four Festo ADN-50-80-A-P-A
    536319 CN36, Pmax = 10 bar/145psi double acting cylinder to replicate into a boxer engine to achieve rotary motion. Then, a chain and sprocket is attached using locking mechanism onto the rotary shaft to the rear wheel to make the vehicle moved.

    May I know how to calculate Torque (T) for the vehicle which weight approx. 180 kg ,

    Pls let me know what formula to use because I'm quite confused the stroke of the double acting cyliner produce linear motion & thereafter convert to rotary motion to make the vehicle... Please excuse me if my english is not clear and my information are not so clear.
    thank yo very much for your Help.. May God Bless You..

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    Welcome to the forum. First you need to explain how you are converting the linear motion into circular. A sketch or partial drawing will help.

    Think about how you are converting that linear motion and what mechanical-device you are using to do that. It is at that motion-conversion interface that your solution exists.

    Feel free to ask more questions, but a sketch will help us a lot.

    One of the problems with linear to circular conversion, if you have not already found out is that at two points on the circular, it is possible to lockup the device and preclude any motion. More so at full cylinder extension than full closed, but at both ends it is possible to lock. For that reason, you may want to consider adding a "starter" device to prevent that lockup potential. A little study of steam locomotive power could help.

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