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Thread: I need to interview an engineer for school.

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    I need to interview an engineer for school.

    Hello, I am a high school student and I'm trying to interview an engineer for an assignment in school. I have a few questions that I would like to ask and if anyone could take a few minutes to answer them I would be very grateful. Also if anyone would be more comfortable doing this over private message, that would be fine. Thank you in advance for your time.

    • What type of work do you do?
    • Why did you choose this career?
    •What is the biggest issue that affects your workplace?
    • What would it take to solve this problem?
    • What type of person do you think is most suited for this type of work/this college?
    • What are day-to-day challenges you experience?
    • How has your job changed over time?
    • What do you like best about your job?

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    If you do some searching here you will find dozens of similar questions, by similar students and all of the answers you could desire.

    Life is about thinking for yourself and now is a good time to start. You will come to learn that any question(s) you have thought of (or pretty much anyone else for that matter, ummm, maybe not Stephen Hawking) has already been asked before. So, to save you waiting for an answer, use the Search here and all will be revealed.

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    I need legit responses aimed toward me, not responses to other people. This is because my class uses a plagiarism checker so if I just used another interview it would be marked for plagiarism and I wouldn't get credit. So if anyone could take a few minutes of their time to answer this, it would be very helpful!

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    Dave had a very good point. FAR TOO MANY people come on here asking us for answers they could, AND SHOULD, have gotten themselves with a little reading, a little research, and good ole work.

    On the other hand, you had a good point too. I'll be glad to answer your questions, and will contact you offline. Check your private messages.

    Just curious, did you do the search he suggested? And did you learn anything useful?
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