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Thread: Stress developed in the member?

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    Bang Head Stress developed in the member?

    i have a rod of circular cross section and a load of 11 N is acting at one end and a load 12 N is acting at the another end. i want to know what the is stress developed in the member is it 11/area or 12/area. and why ?

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    I suspect you will find the answers to, or at least the Methods to obtain those question in the course notes. It's called "study!"

    Oh, and by the way, it was a very badly formed question and impossible to answer given those small fragments of information you provided. Engineering is all about concise, precise communications.

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    I need to see a pic... cause from what you've told me this object is moving.

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    If i understood your question correctly (assuming that the rod is not moving due to the unbalanced forces at both ends), lets assume that the rod is subjected to a total tensile force of 23N. Dividing this force by the area will give the pressure acting on the rod. This pressure is the stress, acting on the solid rod. The analysis will be different for pressure vessels.

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