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Thread: Help Setting Up Trimble S8 Total Station

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    Help Setting Up Trimble S8 Total Station

    Hi everyone;

    I have managed to get my hands on a Trimble S8 Total Station (sadly I have no training on this equipment). I have done a lot of reading but I still have a few questions which I was hoping someone in the community could help explain. With respect to my specific instrument my first question is this:-

    1) When I set up the instrument directly over a point on the ground the station set up screen on the PDA asks “Key In instrument Point Easting, Northing, Elevation”. Am I correct in thinking that the Easting, Northing, Elevation relates to the point on the ground and not instrument itself?

    2) I know that the azimuth values sets the horizontal angle, so if I set my azimuth to zero then the instrument is oriented such that the back sight point and the point directly under the Total station share the same x co-ordinate (another way I look at this is if the azimuth is zero then the Back sight will be pointing towards North) is this correct?

    3) Can someone go through step by step as to what the procedure is if you want to move the total station during the survey i.e. how to set up turning points. The survey work I will be involved with requires the total station to be moved several times because the line of sight between the target and the prism is lost.

    Can someone help?

    Thank you in advance

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    Try searching the internet for "Trimble S8 Total Station User Guide"

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    Hi lads,

    Its been a long time since I used a total station but need to help out a friend if i can. Just want to make sure of a few things. I have a Topcon 226. Basically I need to survey a simple site, set up control points and be able to set up again at a later date to set out.

    I am trying to remember but havent had a chance to try it out yet. If I set up in a random spot and call that the occ pt. say 100,100, 0. when i import that to CAD and have fixed points such as corner of an existing house of other fixed points, the co-ordinates shown on cad could be used as station co-ordinates. Would that be correct??

    Also the process for re section and occ pt for setting out would be great. Cant find a step by guide anywhere.

    Thanks in Advance for any replies.

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