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Thread: Force required to lift Wall Bed

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    Force required to lift Wall Bed


    I have a 62"x 82" wall bed consisting of maple and aluminum framing, fascia and mattress panels and a mattress weighing 195 lbs
    The basic design for raising these beds is to have two pistons on either side of the head of the bed push down..which raises the bed into a vertical position in a case.

    If 0,0 is the bottom left corner of the bed looking lengthwise, the piston connects at 1.75",6" (the other end of the piston attaches vertically to the casework that surrounds the bed). The Pivot point is at 8.25", 4".

    I am not sure what other dimensions are germane that can't be derived form the above

    I understand that the formula is Fe = Fl dl / de

    But am having trouble determining the values for di and de..... Fe = 195*(what/6.5)

    And once determined, do the two pistons share the load..i.e if Fe = 1000 would I need two pistons capable of deploying 500 pounds each?

    I would appreciate any insight you can provide. Thanks

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    Hi smeinc and welcome to the forum...

    Sorry but I read... bed... blah... blah... blah... pistons connect here... blah... blah... blah... pivot here... blah... blah...

    It's really tough (for me anyway) to understand what you are after without a sketch. Don't get me wrong... I've done the same thing a hundred times where I've been deeply involved in some situation and try to discuss it with somebody who hasn't seen what I've been up to and they look at me like I'm goofy.

    I don't mean this in a rude way. Just saying after a couple quick reads I gave up trying to figure out what you're after. See if you can upload a sketch and I'm sure you'll get some good information from folks here.

    Have a good one,

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