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Thread: Orbital Railgun

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    Orbital Railgun

    Hey all

    I joined just so that I can ask a couple of questions as I can't seem to find what I am looking for in my textbooks.
    I am a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student and I am doing this for extra credit in the subject : Momentum, Heat and Mass transfer.

    I am designing an orbital railgun simulator in MS Excel.
    I have already completed a simulator for the railgun and only need help with the ballistics of the projectile.

    Here is what I have so far :
    Station orbits at around 2000km above sea level
    Model for air density as function of altitude
    Projectile shape

    What I need :
    a drag coefficient formula dependent on projectile shape ; a formula that returns different results for a bullet shape and a cylinder
    the flow regime ; laminar, turbulent, or Stokes regime

    I will be using Navier-Stokes to model the ballistics.
    In the end, what I require is the velocity at which it strikes the earth ( terminal velocity most likely, but not sure because of variable air density )

    Thank you for your time

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    Hey again

    I have overcome the final velocity issue. I want it to be 1% the speed of light.
    The problem now, is to work out the velocity at which the projectile leaves the barrel.
    Does NavierStokes take into account the initail velocity? I am still new to this subject and have yet to come across such a problem or example.

    What I have :
    Final Velocity ( +- 300 000 m/s )
    Projectile Shape ( spear like )
    Projectile weight ( 20kg )
    Air density model
    Total distance ( 2000 km )
    Railgun simulator

    What i need :
    Exit velocity needed of the projectile from the barrel to achieve 1% SoL at ground zero.

    Thank you again

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