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    Talking Engineering Job Career Advice

    My wife and I are planning to go to Sydney next week. In fact, we already have a ticket. She plans to get a geotechnical engineering job in Australia because she was fired here. But before we travel there, she wants to know if there is a chance that she will be hired. She also wants to know if there are certain requirements for her to be hired. If there are, what are they? Thanks! Any assistance will be appreciated

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    Australia is screaming for engineering professionals at the minute so getting a company to hire/sponsor the visas shouldn't be a problem. If she is a member of a professional institute that will also help as they will liaise with the Australian equivalent to make sure the switch is as easy as possible.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Jack,

    Australia is ranking very high up on the Cost of Living charts so look into that carefully.

    Can't help with any more concrete suggestions but I just used this in a search and first thing that came up looked useful.

    australia professional engineer visa

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