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Thread: Help with working out electricity from turbine please

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    Help with working out electricity from turbine please

    Hi people,

    Firstly please forgive my ignorance or lack of knowledge in this area, I have a passion for electronics but kids and life got in the way of making anything of it- anyway here is my question

    I have means of turning a turbine, albeit with a low torque - but i have no idea of working out the numbers or how these things work, for instance, my turbine drive would be intermittent- 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. so how would i go about powering my house?

    can i store the power from a turbine in batteries? can batteries power my house , i seriously have no clue what im doing here.

    if someone could just provide a little insight or equations

    also as you have now discovered my engineering and electric knowledge is poor, where would i go to share this idea with like minded people in order to get it built?

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    Curt, you need to buy a couple of books on alernate energy production. Way too big a subject for folk on a website to get you started.

    Not sure why 30-seconds on and 30-seconds off is "desired," but maybe consider two turbines running 180-out of phase. Then you would not need batteries, providing of course, that the motive force was constantly available, unlike wind or sun.

    We are happy to help with specific questions, but such a generalized request would take days/weeks of writing and that's already been done in dozens of books, with many good books available, some dating back 80+years. Nothing much has changed in understanding the basic principles.

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