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Thread: Whats this thread?

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    Whats this thread?

    I got a thread on a drawing.Its NG 2" 1/2 . I dont know what kind of thread it calls. What does the letter "NG" stands for. Any one help me?I means a kind of screew.
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    I'm guessing a couple things...
    MAYBE... (not certainly) it's an ACME thread that they don't care what class it is? (Lke N2 or N3 or N4 etc...)
    MAYBE... it's not NG but NF?
    MAYBE... this note was some sort of tolerance and they're expressing a "No-Go" situation?

    Would need to see the print or have more info to have a clue.

    Good Luck...

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    Might mean Natural Gas. Might be looking at a Pipe thread? Does it look like it has a taper or anything to it?


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    Regardless of whatever information you get from this forum - the only way to make sure your customer gets what he wants is to ask him. You should confirm with him exactly what HE means, not what WE THINK he means.

    For what its worth, my own opinion is that if I put something on a drawing that a competent shop might not understand or misinterpret, that's my fault not theirs.

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