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Thread: PDF Color Problem in SolidWorks

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    PDF Color Problem in SolidWorks

    I have created a drawing of an assembly in solidworks. In SolidWorks the drawing looks great, but when I save it as a PDF the colors of each part in the assembly shift outside the lines. This drawing is on a custom sheet size of 5ft wide by 4ft tall. When the drawing was on an ANSI D sheet, it saved to a PDF with no problems, so I think it has something to do with the sheet size. I have looked through the "Save As" options regarding PDF and I have it set for the highest quality settings. Any help at all would be appreciated. Also, I am using the SolidWorks Student Edition 2012-2013.


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    I wonder if the paper size settings match between your custom sheet size and the standard Adobe sheet conversion...

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    I have had problems with large custom sheet sizes saving to PDF as well. My workaround was to save it in a smaller size and use the ADOBE software to print it on the custom sheet. Open the PDF created with the ANSI D sheet and then use the Adobe/Printer Properties to scale it to a larger print size.

    I hope this helps - Marty

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