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Thread: Carriage Return doesn't work in IE10 (Internet Explorer 10)

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    Carriage Return doesn't work in IE10 (Internet Explorer 10)

    If anyone is using IE10 and getting annoyed by the carriage return not working while using IE10 (Internet Explorer 10), the following is a work around.

    FYI, it is not Engineers Edge or your computer causing the problem - it is IE10 in that it is not recognizing a standard javascript function within a program called Ck Editor. Every other internet browser on earth appears to be OK with industry standard javascript.

    Method 1.

    While in IE 10, press the F12 key.
    On the bottom of the page you should see a sub-window open up.
    Select "Browser Mode: ###" Where ### is your current browser mode (probably 10).
    Select "Internet Explorer 9"

    Done, your browser should now work better all over the internet...

    Method 2.

    1) Open IE10 from the desktop (Not the "Start" page) You can get to the desktop in Windows 8 by either clicking the desktop tile on the start page, or by moving your mouse curser to the upper or lower left hand corner and left clicking. (You should see a small preview of your desktop as you get the cursor in the corner of the screen). The IE icon should be on the task bar.

    2) Once IE is open, navigate to EE (Engineers Edge website)'re probably here now.

    3) Once you are on the EE website, hit ALT to bring up the menu bar at the top of the IE window.

    4) From the menu bar go to: Tools > Compatibility View Settings

    5) In the Compatibility View Settings window verify is filled in the Add This Website text box, and click the "Add" button.

    6) Verify that is added to the "Websites You've Added to Compatibility View" list box.

    7) Hit the "Close" button. (EE Should reload automatically at this point, if not hit the F5 key, or click the reload icon in the address bar of IE10)

    8) Verify carriage returns function properly in the CK Editor or Advanced Editor (Creating new threads or by clicking "Go Advanced")

    If everything is working, you can follow the same steps above to remove from the list, and see if it still works....if you want since it is reported that it may.
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